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Richard Doiron's BiographyMy three main poetry themes are: love poems, spiritual poems, and poems on peace. I am a prolific writer and my inspirations are diverse, while I write and adapt to most forms with relative ease.

I am a human rights advocate, someone who believes we are all equals and that peace can only achieved through dialogue and a justice-based orientation. Holding the firm belief that we can all make a difference, I offer my original poetry, much of it exclusive to this site, to those willing to share my dream and vision.

Please take a look at my biography at http://www.spiritsinpeace.com/Richard-Doiron/

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"Poet and philosopher Richard Doiron has created a legacy in the form of his abundant works which touch and soothe the spirit of the reader.  His writings express important messages about life, love and humanity in an uncomplicated yet eloquent manner. His inspirational and thought provoking poetry reminds the reader of master and mystic poets of long ago.  His poetry is contemporary, energetic and possesses the enlightenment of a spirit that has awareness beyond everyday experiences.  His sonnets impress a splendor in their language that rise to heights of excellence rarely matched today."

Marianne Zirkle
Poet and Women’s Advocate
Pleasant Prairie, WI USA

"I have always been a nature lover. As such I have lived in the woods for much of my life. While in the city today, I still own the property which I single-handedly built. My initial goal was to have a room in that massive structure called "The Rainbow Room." I had no idea what that vision was about, until a Sioux Indian named Ed Magaa explained it in his book "Rainbow Tribe." I was asked to write this story, while still living "off the land." I may have lived as many as twenty years in the woods, without power or telephone. On a recent sixteen-day visit to my camp I composed an unprecedented 385 poems."

Richard Doiron

Titled: Back To My Roots, Sadly

Richard Doiron's camp.

The Vallance Review No. 35
Richard Doiron

Richard Vallance wrote a review of me and my work in the summer of 2004. This review appeared in the Vallance Review as part of Poetry Life & Times, a world-class online publication, spear-headed by U.K. poet-publisher Sara Russell. Richard Vallance, of Ottawa, is a noted poet and publisher, with a Master's in Library Sciences, who publishes two online poetry journals as well as two in hard copy. He writes and does translations in perhaps half a dozen languages and is highly regarded worldwide for his incomparable knowledge of literature. Richard Vallance has done over fifty online reviews of this nature, his latest, and final one being on Sara Russell, now retired from Poetry Life & Times.

Richard Doiron

Poetry Life and Times
Poet News July 04

Sara Russell did an online interview with me in the summer of 2004 for Poetry Life & Times, based out of the United Kingdom. A poet of distinction, a publisher par excellence, Sara's interview of me was a high point in my poetic life. In this interview I was allowed to speak freely on my poetry and on the way I generally viewed the world. I will be forever indebted to Sara Russell for her generosity. Sara recently retired from Poetry Life & Times and will be sorely missed by all.

Richard Doiron

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